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VITAFOCUS Caledonian Layer Feeds

Layer feed

Caledonian has been developed to meet the unique requirements of the Scottish egg producer/retailers

  • Fundamentally designed to support the production of large eggs with a rich yolk colour.
  • The Caledonian Range also incorporates the ForFarmers Pre-Lay and Advance nutritional principles.
  • Caledonian Enhance can be introduced once the rate of bodyweight gain has begun to decline to manage progression of egg size and to sustain enhanced egg number output.
  • Caledonian Original will typically be introduced once bodyweight, feed consumption and egg size have stabilised, delivering the required support for persistency of lay.
  • Caledonian Sustain will support the established production and egg size profile and help the hen maintain shell quality. 

VITAFOCUS Caledonian Layer Feeds

16 to 18 weeks Pre Lay
transition to lay
18 to 32 weeks Caledonian Advance Plus
supporting growth and production
32 to 42 weeks Caledonian Enhance
establishing egg gradings
42 to 52 weeks Caledonian Original
maintaining persistency
52+ weeks Caledonian Sustain
sustaining and supporting egg quality