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VITAFOCUS Caledonian

Caledonian has been developed to meet the unique requirements of the Scottish egg producer/retailers. Caledonian is focused on providing a larger egg with a deep yolk colour to achieve the unique requirements of some consumers and retailers.

  • Fundamentally designed to support the production of large eggs with a rich yolk colour.
  • The Caledonian Range also incorporates the ForFarmers Pre-Lay and Advance nutritional principles.
  • Caledonian Enhance can be introduced once the rate of bodyweight gain has begun to decline to manage progression of egg size and to sustain enhanced egg number output.
  • Caledonian Original will typically be introduced once bodyweight, feed consumption and egg size have stabilised, delivering the required support for persistency of lay.
  • Caledonian Sustain will support the established production and egg size profile and help the hen maintain shell quality.