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VITAFOCUS Organic Layer feeds

Afbeelding: Prima prod icon
  • A challenge when formulating organic diets is delivering amino acid requirements without access to pure individual amino acids, which inevitably leads to the oversupply of protein. ForFarmers Organic layer feeds include feed materials that support the bird’s functional methionine requirements and methionine regeneration; freeing up other sources of the amino acid for structural processes essential for increased productivity and egg size.
  • Energy requirements are met from oil supplementation and the diets are able to exploit medium energy ingredients such as sunflower meal. This, as well as providing protein, is an excellent source of structural fibre. Which improves gizzard function and helps support intestinal health.
  • Contains a unique multi-functional enzyme, produced without GM technology, which is acceptable to organic production systems. Primarily designed to aid the digestion of feed by assisting the breakdown of components from cereals; the multi-enzyme product helps overall digestive efficiency, promotes intestinal health and helps reduce excreta moisture content.