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Access to organic soya oil revolutionises organic layer diets

Afbeelding: Jerry Saunders poultry
JERRY SAUNDERS started organic farming in 1997, producing free range eggs for 12 years

ForFarmers have made full use of organic soya oil, to produce Vitafocus Organic, a mash diet with key benefits.

This energy dense ingredient frees up space in the diet for higher fibre raw materials and nutritional concepts that support egg quality. The diet has seen great success to date, David Hilldrith, Poultry Sales Director at ForFarmers stated, “most of the organic egg producers we work with have switched to our new range already or are in the process of switching. They have quickly noticed improvements in shell quality, seeing fewer seconds and superior feather cover.” Benefits also include less feed wastage due to improved flowability and greater feed intakes have been reported, which means more nutrients are available for egg production. 

Transforming organic layer nutrition

Organic egg producers use the same layer genetics as free-range and colony-cage systems, therefore requiring the same level and quality of nutrition. Many producers are increasing the length of laying cycles in order to improve productivity and profitability. As such is it important to maintain egg quality at the end of the cycle, as well as controlling egg size. 
“Developed from years of experience, robust trials and research, these diets balance amino acid requirements to support increased productivity and optimal egg size. These new rations also utilise nutritional concepts, which support shell and egg quality, as well as size.” 

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