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ForFarmers launches its new range of organic layer feeds

Sector News Sector News23-6-2020
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Iain Campbell discusses features of the diets now being manufactured at ForFarmers’ Penrith mill.

Access to organic soya oil, has enabled ForFarmers to revolutionise organic layer diets, with its new range of organic feeds.

Iain Campbell, ForFarmers poultry specialist, says that until now UK feed mills haven’t had ready access to organic oil due to limited holding tank space, and cultivation of organic soya. “Due to the nutritional needs of organic poultry, we’ve used our resources and purchasing power to source organic soya oil manufactured in Europe.”

Organic formulations have previously been limited by space, as higher levels of cereals, in particular maize, were included in order to supply sufficient energy to birds. Campbell says: “Egg production requires a lot of calories. Including organic oil means we can supply the energy hens need, and free up space in the diets.”

ForFarmers has extensive experience supplying feed to organic livestock producers, along with diverse technical and manufacturing knowhow.

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