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How we produce organic layer feed

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ForFarmers accomplished UK National coverage of its range of VitaFocus layer feeds, the unique feed regime formulated with organic soya oil.

But, how do we produce the organic feed at the mills? There are several inputs to the process. National Poultry Advisor, Andrew Fothergill talks us through it.

Feed Structure

The correct feed structure is achieved by selecting the correct raw material mix which delivers both nutrients and physical form. In order to meet both requirements, we include ingredients such as sunflower meal which deliver fibre and protein. These examples are relatively low in calorie content, so the diet is balanced by using organic soya bean oil to meet the energy requirement.

Mixing the Ingredients

We use specifically designed blending machinery to ensure optimum mixing of ingredients, breaking all grains into a common particle size. We need sufficient texture to stimulate the gizzard of the bird and to flow through bulk feeding systems.

The use of organic soya oil in the mix helps lubricate the meal to have good flow characteristics and present well to the bird.

The whole process is audited by certification schemes to ensure an approved organic supply.

Grinding Process

Rotating metal beaters reduce the particle size dependent of their speed and proximity settings to the chamber walls, This operation requires careful management all round- an art as much as an engineering process.

At this point, the feed is ready for delivery to our customers. Following investment into the specialist equipment needed, the VitaFocus regime is available nationally across three mill sites Selby, Penrith, and Portbury.