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Paul Alexander Announced as ‘John Cessford SEQA Young Person of the Year’

The Scottish Egg Quality Awards (SEQA) are run in partnership by leading feed manufacturer ForFarmers and the Scottish Rural University College (SRUC) and celebrates the best of the Scottish egg industry. Despite the unfortunate cancellation of the awards themselves due to COVID-19, there is still one award which the team were delighted to be able to continue with: The 2020 ‘John Cessford SEQA Young Person of the Year Award’.

After an impressive round of applications, ForFarmers is delighted to announce that Paul Alexander, from JSR Services, is the winner of this year’s ‘John Cessford SEQA Young Person of the Year Award’.

Paul has been involved within the poultry industry his whole life, including weekend industry work, before joining PD Hook as a general worker later on.

When JSR took over the poultry unit Paul worked on for the past 8 years they immediately saw Paul’s potential, promoting him to ‘Rearing Farm Manager’ a role he has held for the last 5 years. Paul’s role includes shed preparation prior to the arrival of day old chick, right through to point of lay including vaccinations, health monitoring, weekly bodyweight monitoring and feed ordering. Paul has since been promoted to ‘General Manager’ at JSR.

Paul was nominated by JSR Managing Director, John Retson who comments ‘Paul is likable and trustworthy; I am lucky to be able to work with him. Paul adapts well with change and embraces modern technology. He pays impeccable attention to detail producing excellent vaccination results and low mortality rates. He is always willing to help whatever time or day of the week and is thoroughly deserving of this award’. 

Paul Alexander Announced as  ‘John Cessford SEQA Young Person of the Year’

Iain Campbell, ForFarmers Key Account Manager, Scotland, met with Paul to present him with the trophy and to ask him how he’s feeling after winning the award – socially distanced of course!

‘I was shocked when I got the call to say I’d won’ said Paul. ‘I didn’t even know I had been nominated! I have been to the SEQA in previous years with JSR so I was delighted to discover I had actually won an award myself. It’s great when someone recognises your hard work but I do it because I love the Industry. It’s a real team effort though, I can’t take responsibility just by myself!’

When asked what advice he had for young people within the poultry industry: ‘Work hard and put in those extra hours and you will succeed! There are no two days, birds or crops the same but that can be the best part of the job. Remember to be resilient and take criticism; it can be the best way of learning and improving.

As well as the trophy, Paul will receive a luxury hotel stay for 2 and £250 worth of vouchers, which we hope he thoroughly enjoys!

Congratulations go to Paul from all at ForFarmers.

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