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The secret to bigger, stronger eggs

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New research suggests the right diet can help hens lay larger eggs with fewer cracks, right to the end of lay

Genetic advancements in layer hens means flocks are being kept on for longer than ever before. But there are well documented problems with older hens over 80 weeks laying weaker, larger eggs, leading to a greater proportion of seconds.

While the broiler sector has generally kept pace with genetic advancements by formulating feeds that get the most out of the birds, there has been less work in this area with layers. However, a new series of farm trials and scientific trials carried out with ForFarmers’ Sustain product has produced some promising results.

ForFarmers has a range of layer diets and Sustain, which contains the Shell Mix innovation, is the diet that is fed from mid-lay to the end of lay. “It was produced to support the requirement for the longer-living hen, which is what producers and packers are driving for at the minute,” says Dave Hilldrith, ForFarmers’ UK poultry director.

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