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Turkey Rearer Pellets ACS

turkey feed

The turkey rearer pellets are designed to provide the turkey with the nutrients it needs during the period of greatest daily growth rate.

Turkey Rearer Pellets ACS

Typically fed from around 7 weeks of age and often introduced to birds which have been transferred from brooding to finishing accommodation, the diet is designed to be fed through the period of greatest daily growth rate, when the foundations of bird confirmation are being established and the skeletal development is being finalised.

Supplementary feed enzymes help ensure optimal utilisation of the nutrients provided and help prevent any anti-nutritional factors interfering with the natural digestive processes.

While natural immunity is developed to ensure the bird is protected after medication is withdrawn, this diet contains a coccidiostat to help prevent any clinical disease symptoms. The cocciodiostat must not be fed to birds beyond 12 weeks of age.

Advice and tips for rearing and finishing

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