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Forage & Arable Crop Potection

Agronomy Team

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The ForFarmers agronomy team are well placed to offer advice on all aspects of crop production, whether nutrient planning, cultivation technique, crop protection, rotations, variety choice, etc. All ForFarmers agronomists are BASIS and FACTS qualified and continue to develop their knowledge of the most up to date techniques and products on the market. They also maintain close links with industry experts and organisations such as NIAB/TAG.

Crop Protection Programmes

The Team have experience over a whole range of farm types and pride themselves on building strong relationships with their customers so that together they can produce high-yielding, good quality crops, cost-effectively. ForFarmers maintains direct distributorship arrangements with most of the major crop protection manufacturers, BASF, Bayer, Syngenta, Du Pont, Dow, etc. and the Company’s BASIS qualified agronomists have access to a wide product portfolio. This enables them to tailor crop protection programmes to all circumstances and situations.

Arable Cropping

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In recent years there has been a lot of discussion about the yield plateau that appears to have been reached in both cereals and oilseeds. To a large extent this reflects crop genetics, but site, seasonal and management factors are also locally important. The broad experience of the ForFarmers team can help identify constraints that may limit crop potential on individual farms or fields. Working closely with growers, ForFarmers agronomists enjoy the challenge of contributing to the profitable and sustainable cropping of their farmer customers.

Forage Crops

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At ForFarmers we have a long history of dealing with forage crops whether it be maize, grass, fodder beet or any of the other available options. There has been a lot more emphasis on using fertiliser and crop protection products in forage crops safely and effectively in recent years. The ForFarmers team of agronomists can help advise you on all aspects of forage crop production from weed control to nitrogen usage.