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Forage & Arable Fertiliser

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ForFarmers can supply a full range of fertilisers for both the livestock and arable farmer. Our quality compound fertilisers are supplied by Yara UK. We can also supply a large range of standard blends but customers own specific blends can be mixed to order. Our wide portfolio also includes lime, urea and maize starter fertilisers.

Getting the Most from your Fertiliser

One of the most important factors of getting the most out of your fertiliser application is to ensure that the correct analysis is applied in the first case. ForFarmers can offer a wide range of soil analysis packages to check the various elements in your soil and ensure that your fertiliser purchase is correct for your land and the crop you are growing.

Compound Fertilisers

Yara have developed and installed N2O catalytic abatement technology in their plants - reducing emissions by 90%. In conjunction with in-field advice means applying Yara‘s nitrate based fertilisers can reduce your fertiliser carbon footprint by 50%.

Maize Starter Fertiliser

Maize has the potential to make high quaility silage. A good crop must grow very rapidly so requires;

  • Soil Moisture
  • Soil Temperature
  • Adequate Nutrition

Maize must form good root systems;

  • N & P fertilisers at planting encourage rooting
  • Improved rooting aids nutrient uptake

Farm yard manures & Slurries are a valuable source of nutrients for maize crops, but may not do it all...

Please contact the Forage & Arable office 0845 070 6280 for further information and current  pricing.

Soil Analysis

Let our BASIS and FACTS trained specialists advise you how to use your fertiliser more efficiently.The ForFarmers soil analysis service will allow you to accurately assess the correct level of the most important nutrients you should apply for each crop.

The importance of care when sampling, the reliability of your soil results, and the subsequent information we can draw from them, is dependent on the care and accuracy of the initial sample taken on farm. Following three simple stages can ensure the results are accurate:

  • Taking a representative sample of soil, from a uniformly managed area
  • Supplying us with all relevant field and background information
  • Correct packaging of the sample to avoid contamination, and immediate dispatch to the laboratory.

Please contact the Forage & Arable office on 0845 070 6280 for further information and current pricing.