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TOPGRASS seed mixtures provide top performance

ForFarmers Forage & Arable have launched a new range of grass mixtures for today’s livestock farmers called TOPGRASS, which includes the top varieties from the Grass and Clover recommended list from leading plant breeding programs. These are higher yielding, better quality varieties providing improved use of fertiliser to boost grassland productivity and animal output. The range includes the latest high sugar grasses with maximum fibre digestibility and good intake potential to support extra milk production or improved liveweight gains.

More milk and meat from forage

‘The grass mixtures used in TOPGRASS provide improved nutritional benefits and will be particularly important to livestock producers this year as they look to reduce production costs and help reduce the effect of volatile milk prices’ suggests Mel Digger ForFarmers Seeds Product Manager. More milk and meat from forage through improved feed and forage efficiency is one of the most important ways to ensure farm profitability.

Benefits of re-seeding


When a sward ages, production can decline as the sown species are replaced by native grasses, (otherwise known as weed grasses) however grass growth can easily be measured and production (kg DM/ha) estimated using a Sward Stick which ForFarmers are providing to their customers.

It is important to plan re-seeding if there is more than 40% non-sown species in the sward, as increases of up to 20% DM/ha can be achieved in the first year of production. Every 1% increase in NDF digestibility provides an extra 0.25 litre per cow per day on average, increasing milk from forage and helping reduce the cost of production. Overseeding of leys will also improve productivity.

The full range of TOPGRASS mixtures provided by ForFarmers Forage & Arable available to producers planning their grassland management including fertiliser and forage additive options is included in the ForFarmers Forage Guide.


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