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NOVA new Sow feed range

Introducing NOVA: ForFarmers New Sow Feed Range

What is NOVA?

NOVA is the innovative new sow feed range from ForFarmers offering nutritional solutions that are:

  • High quality
  • Easy to apply
  • Supported by the best knowledge, advice and services

The NOVA range has been developed to ensure total performance throughout the sow's reproductive lifetime. From gilt rearing and first service through to successful farrowing and weaning, the NOVA diet range will give your sow the optimum nutrition to support her at every life stage.  

NOVAMixx is available to Homemix Producers as a concentrate and via our bespoke on farm premixes. ForFarmers trading team can also provide additional Liquids, Straights and Specialist Raw Materials to support on farm formulations.

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What is NOVA?

NOVA: Nutritional Innovations

NOVA has been designed using a unique range of nutritional innovations to support gut health, feed intake, sow condition and weaning weights.

NOVA: Unprecedented trials

The new NOVA sow feeds have been exclusively trialled on 5,000 Sows across North-West Europe, with farms seeing:

  1. A shift from small litters to large litters
  2. 0.25 more weaned piglets
  3. 12% more litters with 13 or more weaned piglets
  4. A165g increase in weaning weights
  5. Improvement in sow body condition


Want to know more?

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