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Selko pH

Selko®-pH is a synergistic blend of organic acids. When integrated with optimum feeding solutions, it can influence the pH of the drinking water of pigs and support the digestion of feed ingredients by reducing the pH in the stomach. Adding Selko pH improves the overall quality of water. This reduces the risk of bad bacteria in water systems which can threaten the integrity of the gut.  Therefore  the introduction of organic acids and the overall effect of Selko-pH is has a positive impact on the pig’s gut health and performance.

  • Selko pH is  a synergistic blend of free and buffered organic acids which supports digestion
  • Selko pH helps to improve microbial balance and maintain intestinal microbiota
  • Effectively reduces and stabilises the pH of drinking water
  • Reduces stomach pH

For more information about Selko, contact ForFarmers: CLICK HERE.


Corn Cob Mix for piglets
ForFarmers supplement products

What is Corn Cob Mix and how does it help piglet development?

  • Corn Cob Mix is ensiled whole maize cobs, ground and vacuum packed in 25kg bales
  • Highly palatable which encourages early feed intake
  • High in Lactobacilli which promotes healthy gut flora
  • Contains specific structural Carbohydrates which stimulate enzyme development and gut health

For more information about Corn Cob Mix, contact ForFarmers HERE.