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Attention to detail is key to success of beef enterprise

Afbeelding: Edward Mathers web

Regular weighing, careful stock management and a calculated approach to feeding have enabled Edward Mathers to develop an award-winning beef enterprise.

Edward farms at Besshill Farm in Arlington, near Barnstaple, where he runs a 115 head Limousin suckler herd on 300 acres in partnership with his mother and father. In 2002 Edward established a farm shop on site which is now rented out to a local butcher.


“Calving takes place in two blocks with 25 cows calved in autumn and the rest over spring” explains Edward. “This ensures a steady supply of finished carcasses – usually one a week – for the farm shop throughout the year. I then have about 30-40 additional steers which I sell on.”

Edward rears all his own replacements and, when required, aims to calve heifers at two years of age having had them served by one of the farm’s polled Limousin bulls.

“I take calves from birth through to slaughter; keeping a close eye on their progress through monthly weighing” continues Edward. “Calves initially suckle their mother and are turned out to grass as soon as conditions allow to make the most of grazing. When cattle are indoors, they are fed plenty of high quality, home grown silage.”

Successful feeding is the solution to increased live weight gains