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Why Focus on Youngstock

Youngstock rearing accounts for 20% of ​dairy farm expenses, making it the 2nd highest variable cost on farm.

Targeting 24​ month calving can improve performance​ and profitability:

  •  Greater lifetime yield ​
  •  Fewer replacements required ​
  •  Reduced feeding, housing and labour cost
  •  Quicker genetic improvement

By focusing on key areas (nutrition and ​ management) of calf rearing significant performance improvements and cost savings can be made.

VITA Nutrition Programme

VITA Feeding the Future

Following the ForFarmers VITAMILK and VITA concentrate programme will help you to improve youngstock performance and achieve 24 month age at first calving. VITAMILK and VITA concentrates are formulated to maximise health and performance of calves and heifers.

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