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Rock Salt

Afbeelding: rocksalt

Essential to promote saliva production, maintain water balance and ensure optimum function of the digestive system, Rock Salt is a convenient and natural way of providing salt for your livestock.

Lack of salt causes low appetite, reduced feed efficiency and poor performance. Animals deficient in salt can often be seen licking wood, stones or attempting to drink urine, all are sources of salt.

  • 100% natural salt lumps
  • Offered ‘free access’ in the feed trough, or at grass
  • Can increase milk production
  • Very weather resistant, can be fed outside without protection
  • Can be fed to all ruminants
  • Suitable for organic use

Supplied as large lumps of raw salt ranging from 5–35kgs in weight. The colour may be grey, red, brown or white according to iron, potassium and magnesium minerals present. Available in tote bags (1.2t)

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