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RumiBuff is a balance of natural marine algae and natural antioxidants. Its honeycombed structure increases the surface area and breaks down more slowly than conventional buffers in the rumen.

Features, Advantages and Benefits

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  • Maintains a constant rumen pH
  • Reduces rumen acid loading
  • Improves rumen health
  • Improves milk yield and quality

MB RumiBuff increases:

  • Continual buffering effect
  • Rumen pH
  • Rumination

The result is a more stable rumen pH, healthy rumen microbes and increased fibre digestion. This in turn increases milk production from forage.

RumiBuff also supplies:

  • Bio-available minerals
  • Bio-available trace elements
  • Anti-oxidants and vitamins

This helps to condition the rumen microbes for increased dry matter intake and improved performance.

The results are milk fat and protein improvements as a result of beter fibre digestion in the rumen and more energy made availlable to the cow.

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