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Why focus on transition cows?

The transition phase for dairy cows consists​ of the dry period (far-off and close-up), calving​ and the start of the next lactation. It is the most​ important period in the production cycle of the​ cow. Research shows that over 80% of health and performance problems occur due to poor​ management and nutrition during this period.

Transition cow management is about much more than simply avoiding milk fever. Correct management and feeding of the transition cow can increase milk production delivering additional income plus enhanced health and fertility, helping to reduce costs. It also has a big impact on future calf health and performance.

Improved Transition Cow Nutrition

Better transition cow nutrition can result in: ​

  • Easier calving ​
  • Improved calf performance ​
  • Better cow health ​
  • Improved cow performance

Key focus areas for transition cow nutrition:

Key focus areas:

  • Condition Score - reduce calving difficulties
  • Liver function - improve energy balance
  • Rumen development - improve DMI and energy balance
  • Calcium balance - minimise the risk of milk fever
  • Protein supply - repair tissue and boost colostrum quality
  • Vitamins and trace elements - improve immunity and colostrum quality
  • Forage - improve rumen health and development
  • Cow health - minimise the risk of Displaced Abomasum's, Metritis and Retained Foetal Membranes


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