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Calf Nutrition

VITAMILK Rearer is a combination product containing skim milk and whey offering a safe, highly digestible fat and protein level to avoid digestive problems. This ensures the calf has a plentiful supply of energy and protein for growth and development, in spring grazing systems.


Protein Oil Fibre Ash
22% 17% 0.2% 6.8%

Calf Health

Afbeelding: VITAMILK Rearer

VITAMILK Rearer offers:

  • A combination of skim and whey protein for a balanced release of digestible protein.
  • A rnage of four oil sources to provide a well-balanced supply of energy.
  • Optimum supply of vitamins and trace elements to meet the micro requirements of the growing calf. 

Care package

VITAMILK Rearer contains a specialist health pack to ensure optimum calf performance in milk fed calves. The care package contains key active ingredients which help to improve the gut health of young calves.

Afbeelding: VITAMILK Classic care package