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Sheep High Energy Buckets

Sheep High Energy is a high energy molassed feed and mineral supplement designed for use at grass or with high forage rations during tupping, flushing, pregnancy and lactation. 

  • Contains Megalac and molasses to provide energy from different sources.
  • Uses rapeseed meal and soyabean meal to provide good levels of quality protein.
  • Includes 1200 mg/kg zinc to protect against lameness and repair hoof tissue. Good levels of zinc help optimise reproduction and immune function.


ForFarmers MINLINE buckets

Afbeelding: sheep
  • Can be used for housed stock or at grass.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Consistent supply of nutrients.
  • Strong reusable plastic container.
  • Rich in molasses for palatability and readily available energy. 
  • Convenient to use.
  • Available in 25kg buckets (40 buckets per pallet). 


For more information on our MINLINE range of buckets please contact your local ForFarmers account manager or our ForFarmers customer services team on 0870 0500 306 or