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Sheep Compound Range

Ewbol is a high quality feed range for lambs and ewes formulated to maximise performance in all situations. Ewbol compounds have a number of specialist features, as well as standard nutrients, that improve health, performance and profitability.

For more information on our Ewbol range, please contact your nearest ForFarmers customer service team, whose details can be found on our Contacts page.

Product Range Brochures
Lamb Milk Replacer

A high performance lamb milk replacer formulated to provide balanced nutrition. 

Lamb Compounds

ForFarmers have a full product range that will take lambs from birth to slaughter. Target feeding lambs to achieve the correct liveweight gain or carcass weight for the desired market will improve efficiency and margin.

Ewe Compounds

Selecting the right compound feed is important, this will help maximise lambing percentage, lamb survival and growth rate. The Ewbol range is formulated from a number of high quality raw materials to provide the correct nutrients (energy, protein – ERDP, DUP) for all lambing systems.