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Hickstead Horse Feeds

About Us

Hickstead Horse Feeds is part of ForFarmers - Speciality Feeds, ForFarmers is the UK's leading animal feed producer. We are committed to the equine feed industry and for many years have been formulating high quality diets to meet the nutritional requirements of a wide variety of horses. All of the Hickstead range of products are supported by a dedicated team of nutritionists and technical advisors and backed by a nationwide customer support network.

At Hickstead Horse Feeds, we pride ourselves on producing exceptional, specialised feeds that incorporate quality raw materials, ensuring a complete and nutritionally balanced feed at all times. Only the very best ingredients are used within the Hickstead Horse Feeds range and all our coarse mixtures have fixed formulations to ensure that the high quality of our feeds remains consistent. Hickstead Horse Feeds contain:

  • Digestible fibre to help promote a healthy gut environment and as a source of slow-release energy.
  • Oil, ensuring an excellent body & coat condition as well as providing a source of slow-release energy which is ideal for stamina and weight gain, without the fizz.
  • Pre-crooked micronised cereals, improving the palatability of the feed and maximising digestion of the starch contained in the cereal.
  • Sources of quality protein, providing essential amino acids, necessary for build and repair of cells and tissue – including muscle, as well as promoting top-line.
  • A comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals, ensuring a complete, balanced ration, removing the need to add extra supplements.

Hickstead Horse Feeds are available throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East and are supported by a comprehensive infrastructure of high quality feed mills, logistic support and customer liaison