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Hickstead Horse Feeds

Hickstead Horse Feeds

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Hickstead Horse Feeds are committed and passionate about horses and the products they formulate to keep them healthy, happy and performing at the top of their discipline.

At Hickstead we only use the very best of ingredients, which are fully traceable and formulated by our scientists and nutritionists to create a unique formula with the equine in mind.

With an extensive range of supplements and a fully fortified range of feeds, we at Hickstead are confident that we can provide the product for any situation or scenario.

Supplements range

horse supplements range

A range of 5 products to help maximise the potential of your horse. Each supplement is Specifically designed to support: Respiratory health, Laminitis risk, Mineral balance, Strain recovery time and Joint health.

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Formulated for optimum respiratory & lung support. Ideal to maintain a strong healthy respiratory system, soothes environmental irritation and support breathing related elements.

Rapid nutritional stimulation to support the recovery process. Enriched with B vitamins and iron ensuring mobility and athletic potential is maintained. Reducing recovery time and increases muscle and vascular recovery after athletic strain & can be used to boost overall health or at times of dullness.

An accurate nutritional formulation for horses at risk from laminitis with additional support for those on restricted diets. Enriched with antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatories and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.

An everyday essential for ultimate mineral rehydration restoring the balance of essential salts lost during exercise, stress and hot weather.

Optimum support & maintenance for joints. Scientifically formulated to maintain joint health, synovial fluid and surrounding tissues. Ideal for joint maintenance, those under athletic demand and those with compromised mobility.