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Hold 'em

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Hold 'em - the solution for 'holding' your birds

Hold 'em is a succulent seed mixture for all avian species, and specially formulated spice containing all the essential aromatic flavourings to entice birds.

Hold 'em Seed mixture and Spice is designed to suitably feed a wide range of wild bird specieis and is uniquely designed to fulfil the nutritional requirements of both Partridges and Pheasants.

Hold 'em Game Spice

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Holding birds

Keepers are familiar with the problems of 'holding' poults following the switch from pellets to grains. Hold 'em has been designed to entice your birds to help prevent them from wandering and adapt to their natural environment.

Hold 'em spice can be added to grains to help hold birds after they have switched from pellets to grains.