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Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold is a unique range of supplements which are specifically formulated for use in Game Birds and Domestic Poultry. Liquid Gold supplements are highly concentrated and carefully balanced for use as a management aid to assist in times of stress and recovery. Liquid Gold is totally soluble in water which by design minimises the risk of contamination by algal growth and drinker blockage. The range is designed as a management tool to aid and promote overall good health and performance.


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Highly absorbent and Bio-degradable natural bedding

  • Dust extracted chopped bedding
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Effective way to reduce unwanted odours
  • Suitable for a wide selection of animals
  • Natural bedding that is highly absorbent
  • A bio‑degradable bedding that is environmentally‑friendly and safe to use


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Probably recognised as the best dessicant on the market to control coccidiosis.

  • Simple, and very safe to use
  • Refreshes all odours

Product Additional Information

Reduction of bacterial proliferation. Lower ammonia emissions. Dry & healthy environment around animal. Reduction of bacterial contamination.
Available in 25 kg bags.