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Marsdens offer a range of highly palatable and attractive feeds for your small pets! Designed to suit the nutritional needs of many breeds of Rabbit and Guinea Pigs

Our feed is available in 12.5kg bags with many diets available in 20kg bags.

All our 12.5kg bags are available via our innovative Box Clever delivery service. Each box can hold up to 30kg. Call today to order two bags of feed of your choice and have them delivered direct to your door!

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Marsdens Small Animal Feeds

There are nine nutritious, specially formulated feeds for both Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.

  1. Coney Breed - a high protein dust free pellet, ideal for pregnant does
  2. Coney Pet - an excellent all rounder! Probably the best selling rabbit pellet on the market!
  3. Coney Harvest Munch - highly palatable long fibre feed with Vitamin C supplement
  4. Coney Meadow Munch - highly palatable long fibre feed mix - nutritious in every way!
  5. Coney Pea Munch - with the added attraction of large peas!
  6. Coney G02+ - highly nutritious extruded feed with a Vitamin C supplement suitable for Guinea Pigs and other small animals
  7. Guinea Crunch Pellets - High protein with added Vitamin C
  8. Harvest Crunch - a delicious muesli mix for Guinea Pigs!
  9. Coney Breed + - a high protein dust free pellet with Vitamin C

All nine diets are specifically designed to keep your small pets happy and healthy!

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To find out more about Marsdens Rabbit & Guinea Small Animal Feeds call: 08450250444