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Multistock Balancer 30

Multistock Balancer 30 is a high quality protein concentrate for ewes and lambs formulated to maximise the use of on farm cereals.

Producing lambs with:

  • Exceptional health and immunity status
  • Excellent growth rates
  • Strength and vigour
Ewe and Lamb

Key Features

Energy: Energy sources designed to complement cereals, including digestible fibre for optimum rumen health, lamb growth and milk yield. 

High Protein: 30% protein to complement low levels in cereals. High level of undegradable protein (DUP) for improved lamb birthweights and higher milk production.

Addarome: Helps to overcome the depression in intakes during the 6-8 weeks prior to lambing. 

ExtraGuard: A unique combination of Vitamin E, Cellguard and organic selenium for excellent flock health and immunity. 

Boosted vitamins, minerals and trace elements: Vitamin, minerals and trace elements package at 2 times normal level, to ensure final mixed ration is correctly balanced for the ewes daily requirements.


Introduce at 0.25 kg per day six to eight weeks before lambing and increase up to 1.5 kg two weeks before lambing depending on ewe condition, forage quality and number of lambs.

Link: 61925