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Harvest Balancer 24

Harvest Balancer 24 is a protein concentrate formulated to maximise the use of on farm cereals. 

Producing lambs with:

  • Exceptional health
  • Higher birth weights
  • Excellent growth rates
  • Strength and vigour

Key Features

Energy: Energy sources designed to complement cereals, including digestible fibre for optimum rumen health, lamb growth and milk yield.

High Protein: 24% protein to complement low levels in cereals. High level of undegradable protein (DUP) for improved lamb birthweights and higher milk production. 

Addarome: Helps to overcome the depression in intakes during the 6-8 weeks prior to lambing. 

ExtraGuard: A unique combination of Vitamin E, Cellguard and organic selenium for excellent flock health and immunity. 

Boosted vitamins and minerals: Minerals and vitamin package at twice the normal level, to ensure final mixed ration is correctly balanced for the ewes daily requirements.

Levucell TITAN: A live yeast that reduces the risk of acidosis and improves fibre digestion, resulting in better health and milk production.

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