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TOPGRASS - Long Term Mixtures

ForFarmers number 1 selling mixture is the long term TROGEN cut and graze mix, find out more details below.


Long Term Cut and Graze (5+ years)
Contains: GroMax

The best dual purpose mixture available. Utilising the very best of both from High Fibre Plus from DLF and Aber HSG grasses.

  • Superb combination of varieties for yield and quality for all dual purpose requirements
  • Timothy inclusion makes this ideal for colder, wetter soils
  • Equally suited to silage, hay and grazing
  • 22% Aber HSG Varieties enhance forage quality and intake
  • 64% DLF Fibre Energy to improve digestibility
  • Available without clover or timothy
  • Sowing rate 13-15kg/acre (32-37kg/ha) 
  • Heading date 21st May - 11th June
Topgrass Trogen table

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For more information on TOPGRASS or if you would like to speak to a specialist about how to maximise your grassland please contact your local Account Manager or send us online enquiry here.

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