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TOPGRASS - Medium Term Mixtures

We have a range of medium term grass mixtures. Please browse our range below. If you have any further questions please do not hestiate to contact your local Account Manager or our Forage Team here.


Medium Term Multi-Cut Silage (3 - 4 years)
Contains: GroMax

An intensive silage mixture with a grazing option if required in the latter part of the season. A combination of excellent yield and forage quality varieties makes this a very adaptable mixture.

  • Lofa combines yield and forage quality with excellent stress tolerance
  • High yields for multi-cut silage
  • Responds well to fertiliser application giving rapid re-growth
  • An option with 7% White Clover Cutting Blend is available
  • Sowing rate 13-15kg/acre (32-37kg/ha) 
  • Heading date 19th - 29th May
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Medium Term Cut and Graze (3 - 4 years)
Contains: GroMax

A versatile blend of Hybrid and Perennial Ryegrasses to give excellent yields whether being cut or grazed. This is a four year mixture that will adapt under differing management scenarios.

  • Quality first cut then either cut again or graze
  • 32% Aber HSG varieties enhance forage quality
  • 17% Nifty improves quality with DLF Fibre Energy 
  • A no clover option is available 
  • Sowing rate 13-15kg/acre (32-37kg/ha)
  • Heading date 19th May - 7th June


Medium Term Red Clover (3 - 4 years)
Contains: GroMax

A three year mixture using hybrid ryegrass, red clovers and Lofa Hybrid ryegrass plus makes this mixture a potent conservation mix.

  • Lofa has a good combination of yield, quality and stress tolerance
  • Four full years for multi-cut silage production
  • All grasses are hybrid types and are ideal partners to red clover
  • Aber HSG varieties enhance forage quality 
  • Contains high yielding persistent red clovers increasing yield and protein content
  • Sowing rate 12-14kg/acre (30-35kg/ha)
  • Heading date 19th-26th May


Medium Term Dual Purpose (3 - 4 years)
Contains: GroMax

Formulated to provide a stress tolerant, dual purpose mixture, capable of providing forage high in protein and energy during the dry summer months. Includes Italian and Hybrid Ryegrass Plus along with Perennial Tall Fescue Plus for maximum stress tolerance.

  • Ryegrass PlusTM are deep rooted and can tolerate both drought and high temperature
  • Thegn is an exceptionally dense deep rooting tetraploid variety
  • Addition of Hipast, a Perennial type festulolium that has good density and retains the stress tolerances of a Ryegrass PlusTM variety
  • 34% DLF Fibre energy varieties for improved digestibility
  • Copes equally well in very wet soils
  • Available without clover
  • Sowing rate 13-15kg/acre (35-37kg/ha)
  • Heading date 20th May - 6th June
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