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TOPGRASS - Overseeding Mixtures

Overseeding using the correct mixtures and machinery designed for the job is now accepted as good practice to both maintain the physical and nutritional quality of medium and long term swards. 

Soil seeding - depth and seed to soil contact are critical

When the sward becomes open allowing weeds and unsown species to invade, overseeding will quickly check this and maintain the productivity by increasing both yield and quality.

The loss of 1 tonne DM/ha @ 11MJ/ kg DM equates to 11000 MJ/ha = more than 2000 litres milk/ha for the dairy farmer. 

Overseeding a sward with the correct ForFarmers Leybooster overseeding mixture will help maintain production beyond its expected life.

Weed grass ingress

Overseeding reduces weed grass ingress, which increases over time.

Overseeding reduces weed grass ingress


Contains: ProNitro

  • Available without clover.
  • Sowing rate 10/acre (25kg/ha) 
  • Heading date 22nd May - 9th June

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