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Financial gain in finishing lambs fast

Seasonal challenge Seasonal challenge12-6-2020

With grass growth low and protein levels declining, are you looking to finish your lambs quickly?

Lamb by creep feeding unit

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus in March, there has been fluctuations in the lamb price as shown in the graph below. Typically prices begin to slip this time of year, but this year is anything but normal.

The supply of British lambs has been tight recently and the lack of rainfall, particularly across England and Wales, has started to seriously impact grass growth.

With these conditions, sheep farmers should consider supplementary feeding to avoid growth rates slowing down substantially. Without an additional source of nutrition there will be a large knock on effect on finishing times and weights.

This week's market update

Liveweight prices have continued to follow the seasonal trend this week. The GB liveweight NSL SQQ fell by 4p, to 234.22p/kg. The old season lamb SQQ also dropped. Throughputs for the week totalled 104,400 head, up 3,500 head week-on-week.

AHDB Lamb Prices

Currently prices are above the 5 year average, however week-on-week prices are declining, which is to be expected due to the increasing number of lambs available for slaughter. Although industry reports suggest a mix of trends within prices, with some lambs coming forward under finished which is altering the numbers.

Reasons to creep feed this year

  • Maximise lamb growth rates when feed conversion is at its best.
  • Lambs sold at their maximum value.
  • More margin to the business.
  • Beat the mid-late summer price drop.
  • Dry ewes can be kept tighter, reducing fertiliser costs.
  • Reduced vet and medication costs.
  • Selling dead-weight achieve higher KO % when creep fed.
  • More later lambing flocks expected autumn glut of lambs.

ForFarmers creep feeding range

We have a range of high energy and protein products suitable for creep feeding and intensive lamb feeding systems.

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We are here to help

Feeding and breeding programs should reflect and be designed to hit the market at the right time, in order to give farmers the best margins. Our team can run your figures based on your mean lambing date and work with you to look at the optimal finishing program for your lambs this season. 

Please contact your local Account Manager, alternatively you can call our team on 0330 678 0982 or you can send us an online enquiry here.