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Focus on Sheep

With the uncertainty of Covid-19 and Brexit continuing, production efficiency and a good nutritional strategy will be key in 2021.

  • Domestic consumption is expected to decline, due to falling demand and Covid-19.
  • The reopening of restaurants is key for UK consumption.
  • Imports have fallen by 12%, with product availability in New Zealand and Australia down year-on-year as well as ongoing strong Chinese demand.
  • Lower export volumes have been driven by Covid-19 disruption to European demand.


Grass Silage - Big Bale  2019   2020  Top 25% Bottom 25%
Dry Matter (%) 45 47.7 42.2 53.4
Energy (MJ/kg DM) 10.3 10.4 11.1 9.5
Protein (% DM) 12.5 13.4 15 10.9
NDF - Fibre (% DM) 54 52.5 44.2 60.9

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New deal, new rules, new era for UK food and farming

The UK and EU finally reached a Brexit trade agreement to take us forward this year. As the situation and details develop AHDB are reporting the key changes that might effect you and your farming business.

AHDB's Senior Strategic Insight Manager, Sarah Baker has begun a blog which will inform and highlight some of the implications for our farming and food sectors.

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