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Laying the Foundations

Hens require the right nutrition to support them at each stage of their lives. Chicks, laying hens and end of lay hens all require different nutritional balances to support their growth. With spring on its way, it’s crucial to focus on providing new chicks the best foundations as this can considerably affect their future development and laying capacity. 

The first few weeks of life after hatching are critical for new chicks. Immediate access to nutrients will improve their yolk utilisation, progression of immunity and the development of their digestive and immune systems.

Afbeelding: chicks eating from hand LR

Feed quality plays a crucial role in a chick’s development in their first week. Chicks come from a different environment in the embryonic phase, and they depend on key nutrients to start adjusting to new conditions. For laying pullets, a chick crumb should be consumed until they are 6 weeks old. Farmgate Feeds offer a specially formulated starter crumb containing essential vitamins and trace elements. It’s the first choice for feeding, from day old up to six weeks for laying pullets.

Farmgate Rearer Pellets are suitable to follow chick crumbs through to point of lay. They contain essential amino acids and minerals necessary for strong, healthy bones and good feather quality.