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Uniquely balanced nutrition for the health and performance of your pigs

Beth Austermuhle, Head of Technical, supporting Farmgate Feeds addresses the importance of Omega 3 and its role in your pigs’ development.

We know the importance of nutrition in our own lives; the right balance of vitamins, and minerals and a balanced diet is the mainstay for a healthy life. The same rule applies when it comes to feeding your pigs. The right nutrition supports your pig’s health, growth and enhances their overall performance.

So, what are the essential nutrients for healthy pigs? The benefits of supplementing pig diets with Omega 3 have been well discussed and researched for some time. Omega 3 are a family of unsaturated fatty acids. It is vital to include Omega 3 as part of well-balanced diet as pigs can’t produce it by themselves. There are many advantages, most significantly it contributes to cell health and strengthens the immune system and the best time to start introducing Omega 3 in the diet is at the very beginning, even prior to conception.

Omega 3 has positive impact on pig fertility and will ensure your pig’s strong health starts long before they’re even born. Focussing on the sow’s nutrition will provide your piglets with the best start in life. 

Uniquely balanced nutrition for the health and performance of your pigs
It is vital to include Omega 3 as part of a well-balanced diet as pigs can’t produce it by themselves.

From the beginning of the fertility cycle to supporting embryo development and throughout gestation the sow requires Omega 3. Without sufficient Omega 3 the potential number of piglets born may not be reached and sows can deliver piglets of variable weights, weak piglets with a slower growth rate and piglets that are more susceptible to disease.

Optimising sow nutrition during late gestation and throughout the transition period can boost the key proteins found in the sow’s colostrum. Good quality colostrum will kick start the piglet’s immune system and helps to prevent disease susceptibility. Continuing supply of Omega 3 throughout the lactation period will also ensure the piglets grow steadily and healthily. By giving your piglets a strong start alongside promoting good quality milk production you can also expect to see heavier weights at weaning.

Omega 3 plays an essential role in piglet development from the onset. It is well documented that Omega 3 improves embryo development as well as sow’s milk quality. This, in turn, leads to increased litter size, heavier birthweights, heavier weaning weights, less mortality and overall healthier and more viable piglets.

The Farmgate Smallholder range of feed is backed by the same nutritional expertise and experience, which larger farmers and producers have trusted and relied upon for many years.  Farmgate use only the very best raw ingredients, balanced with essential nutrients. With its unique combination of Omega 3, fat soluble vitamins and fibre, Farmgate Feeds Sow & Weaner range will boost your pigs’ development now and for the future.