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Cairngorm Deer Feed Range

The Cairngorm Deer Feeds Range includes six individual diets designed to meet the nutritional needs of deer during their different life stages, from a Starter Pellet to Grower Nuts, fed in conjunction with suitable forage.

    Cairngorm starter pellets

    • Provides the young calf with a high protein and high energy starter ration.
    • Balance of amino acids, vitamins and minerals to promote healthy growth and skeletal development.
    • Creep fed prior to weaning, and for two to three months after weaning.
    • Daily intake varies according to the age and breed of deer calf or fawn
    • Between 0.25 and 1.00kg/head/day should be fed in conjunction with good quality conserved forage.
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    Cairngorm deer nuts and rolls

    • Specially designed to provide the energy, minerals and vitamins necessary to ensure mature deer remain in a consistent healthy condition.
    • Promotes antler development during the over-winter period.
    • Highly palatable to ensure feed intake.
    • Approximately 0.5 kg per head per day should be sufficient for Red Deer.
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    Cairngorm grower No.1

    • High energy feed designed as a supplement to forage or grazing.
    • Follow on ration from starter pellets fed to young growing deer, yearlings and lactating hinds or does.
    • Fed as part of a feeding programme for venison production in conjunction with suitable forage.
    • Levels of feeding depends upon the availability of the grazing/ forage, the breed and age of the hinds and stage of lactation.
    • 0.5-1.25 kg/head/day should be adequate.
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    Cairngorm grower No.2

    • Carefully balanced medium protein and energy diet designed to supplement forage.
    • Feed to young deer as part of a feeding programme for venison production.
    • Fed in conjunction with suitable forage.
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    Cairngorm park rolls

    • This diet is designed to be fed to park deer where sheep have access to the same feed.
    • Cairngorm Park Rolls is a low copper inclusion feed, in contrast, Cairngorm Deer Rolls and Nuts contains high levels of copper, and therefore by design should not be fed to sheep.

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