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Cairngorm Deer Feed Range

Afbeelding: Deer product image

Cairngorm Deer Feeds are specifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of all species of deer any time of year. They are designed to the latest nutritional standards to provide optimum levels of protein, energy, minerals, vitamins and trace elements to supplement the available forage and/or grazing.

Code Protein  Description Feeding guide
P02880   17% Cairngorm Deer Rolls Fed to park Deer for maintenance and antler development.
P02889 17% Cairngorm Deer Nut In everyway the same as Cairngorm Deer Roll but in a nut size, ideal for smaller Adult Deer.
P02882 18% Cairngorm Starter Pellet Fed to young calves pre-wean and after weaning to support skeletal growth and lean tissue development.
P02883 16% Cairngorm Grower No 1 Nuts Fed to young Deer as part of feeding programme for venison production. Grower no1 is fed in conjunction with suitable forage.
P02884 14% Cairngorm Grower No 2 Nuts Fed to growing Deer as part as feeding programme or venison production. Grower no 2 is fed in conjunction with suitable forage.