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Game Maize

Afbeelding: game maize icon

One of the most popular crops used for cover and feed.

Options to use throughout the season include blends of early, intermediate and late varieties to last the season or varieties selected for late maturity and standing ability which produce immature cobs which deter rats and badgers.


Afbeelding: sorgum icon

Although slow to establish sorghum will provide cover throughout the shooting season.

It thrives best in warm, sunny growing conditions. Different height varieties are available to act as windbreaks or used as a companion crop


Afbeelding: millet icon

Provides a very valuable feed source to hold the birds. Available  as a straight either white, red or japanese or as a mixture to provide benefit of each


Afbeelding: sunflower icon

Highly nutritious seed mostly grown in conjunction with other game crops wither in mixtures or in an adjacent block.

Different heights available.

Cover Crops

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Sowing straight blocks of cover crops can offer the benefits of different species. Quinoa for feed and clover, mustard for cover, canary grass for cover or phacelia for cover are just a few examples

Game Mixtures

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Specially formulated to combine different species into a mixture can extend the utilisation period, help attract  and hold specific types of game and provide feed and cover where both are required.

Late Cover

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Particularly useful for sowing in late summer or early autumn. Ideal for patching failed crops.

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