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The Breeder Range

Game breeder feeds

Feed costs are one of the highest input costs of any game operation and therefore achieving the very best results from the breeding hen is paramount. 

Quality nutrition plays a major part in achieving top results. 

The better the nutrition, the better the performance and in real terms the cheaper the cost of production. 

The following diets have a proven track record. Their nutritional make up and formulation will provide optimum egg numbers, with excellent fertility and hatchability.

  • Game Care Conditioning Pellets 
    Ideal for feeding overwintered birds to help ensure they remain “fit but not fat” – a potential risk when feeding whole cereal, and also ensures a supply of vitamins and minerals through winter.
  • Pre Breeder Pellets 
    One of the most important diets in our range. This highly palatable feed contains all the essential nutrients and trace elements to condition both the hen and cock bird in preparation for the breeding season. For best results it should be introduced to the birds around 4 weeks prior to first egg. Given average feed intakes this will therefore require 12 bags /1000 Partridge and 20 bags / 1000 Pheasant.
  • Game Care Breeder 
    This product is particularly suitable for feeding in raised units.
  • Pheasant, Partridge and Duck Breeder Pellets 
    Highly nutritious feeds containing fishmeal, which by design consistently produces the very best results in terms of egg numbers, fertility and hatchability.
    Trials comparing this diet consistently show that Pheasant Breeder out performs our major competitors.


The feeding benefits of Reproflor Plus

Afbeelding: Reproflor Plus logo
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Antioxidants (Vitamin E, Selenium and Natural pigments)
  • Essential oils
  • Functional fibre - allowing the transfer of Nutrients from the Hen to the egg
  • Structural fibre - appetite is appeased, resulting in the hen and cock birds feeling more content

Reproflor Plus will provide the following benefits to the breeding bird : 

  • Maximise the performance of the high potential breeding hen
  • Optimise fertility of the cock bird
  • Have a positive effect on egg production
  • Ensure improvements in hatchability
  • Ensure high growth potential