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To establish the optimum physical condition of the bird making her ready for the key breeding period through early nutritional and management intervention.

The onset of the breeding period is one of the most critical phases in the game calendar.  It is also one of the potentially most stressful in the birds life.

It has been demonstrated many times that a well nourished breeding bird performs well and helps in the process of vertical transmission of nutrients from the breeder to the young poult via the hatching egg.

The Breeder Range

Game breeder feeds


The Marsdens Nutiritonists have designed the Marsdens "Pre-Breeder" to condition the hen's body structure and reproductive tract before lay.


The Marsdens Breeder diet is designed to support on-going shell quality through its supply of vital nutrients, balanced vitamins and amino acids.

The Breeder Range includes diets suitable for both Pheasants and Partridges as well as a 2mm Pellet for Partridges.