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The Breeder Stage

Game breeder feeds

From early February, the final stage of preparation is underway to transfer the birds to the laying pen. If the hen is too thin, longevity and egg production can be impacted, but if the hen is too fat the results can be equally devastating. Good health and condition for both the hen and the cock, must be achieved. 

It’s critical to maintain bird health throughout laying season, and nutrition plays an important role here; maximising egg production, fertility and hatchability and laying the foundations for optimum breeding. And of course,  as soon as the egg is laid our ability to influence decreases, so it’s critical we get this stage right.


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Game Care Conditioning Pellets 
Ideal for feeding overwintered birds to ensure they remain “fit but not fat” – a potential risk if feeding whole cereal.

Pre Breeder Pellets

Contains all the essential nutrients and trace elements to condition the birds in preparation for breeding. For best results introduce at around 4 weeks prior to first egg. 

Game Care Breeder Pellets 
Particularly suitable for feeding in raised units, Game Care Breeder Pellets focus on supporting gut health, ensuring the birds feel full, and providing structural fibre that would normally be foraged in a grass paddock. These dietary features help birds maintain behaviours and ultimately support optimum egg production and fertility.

Breeder Pellets 
Highly nutritious feeds containing either fish oil, from Reproflor Plus, or where appropriate, fishmeal, supporting egg numbers, fertility and hatchability.


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A 2.5mm pellet, 20% protein, formulated with fishmeal.


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A 2.5mm pellet, 20% protein, formulated with fishmeal.




Marsdens breeder feeds are formulated with Reproflor Plus which provides:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Antioxidants (Vitamin E, Selenium and natural pigments)
  • Essential oils
  • Functional fibre
  • Structural fibre - appetite is appeased, resulting in the birds feeling more content. Fibre in breeder diets can be particularly relevant to raised housing systems where access to forage is restricted and the compound diet needs to deliver the complete diet.

Delivering : 

  • optimum egg numbers
  • excellent fertility of the hen and cock birds
  • excellent hatchability
  • healthy viable poults