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The Grower Range

Afbeelding: Marsdens grower bags

Following the Starter phase, Marsdens Early Grower is the next diet to be fed. 

Marsdens Early Grower is a 24% protein product and is designed to follow the Starter diet when feeding poults in the rearing field. With this in mind, the use of fishmeal is of prime importance. As birds are moved to the wood, the continued use of Early Grower will ensure continued strong growth during a particularly vulnerable time for the poults.

  • Pellets - 3.5mm form for pheasants, the preferred ‘one feed’ solution for use when the majority of birds being fed are partridges rather than pheasants. All 3.5mm pellets are short cut, therefore negating much need for 2.5mm
  • Mini-Pellets - 2mm mini-pellet form for partridges. 

As an alternative to the two-stage feed regime for pheasants, Marsdens produce Grower Pellets with 21% protein as a one-stage feed regime for pheasants at ‘wood’. 
Where the preferred option is to feed a 2.5mm pellet in the early stages this philosophy is extended by feeding a Game Rearer 2.5 followed by a Game Grower 2.5.

Following the first 2½ weeks of Early Grower, the birds should move on to a Covert Release Pellet. The Covert Release is a highly palatable feed containing aniseed, which by design helps to prevent birds from straying.

The feeding benefits of Nutura Game

Nutura Game
  • Essential oils - have a positive effect on digestion and intestinal health
  • Organic acids - provide further intestinal support
  • Betaine - provides key nutritional building blocks and support to the birds natural immune system
  • Antioxidants - natural biological antioxidants, now including ForFarmers ‘CellGuard’, are included to maintain tissue health
  • Functional fibre - key to enhanced digestive health

Nutura Game’s core focus is to support: 

  • Gut health
  • Efficient growth
  • Good feathering
  • Strong skeletal development

Nutura Game is a feature of all diets across the Marsdens range of feeds.

NUTURA GAME can support gut health in stressed and disease challenged birds.

Things to consider: 

  1. At the start of any new season it is advisable to contact your vet to arrange a joint meeting.
  2. If at any time birds become unwell, contact your vet immediately. If any course of treatment is required only the Vet can advise a medication strategy.
  3. If in-feed medication is required, this can only be prescribed by the vet responsible, if required, please allow 5 working days delivery notice for any special mix requirement.