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The Grower Range

Afbeelding: Marsdens grower bags

Marsdens Early Grower

Early Grower is designed to follow the Starter diet when feeding poults in the rearing field.

The diet comes in two forms:

  • Pellets suitable for Pheasants
  • Mini-Pellets suitable for Partridges

Marsdens Early Grower is the ideal diet for feeding poults being put to 'wood' or 'cover crop'. The high protein content is designed to encourage continual strong growth of the poults when they are at a vulnerable time.

Marsdens "Superlink" Pellet

In addition to Early Grower, Marsdens offer another "Superlink" pellet which is high protein, recommended as a feed solution when the majority of birds are Partridges.

"Peak Release" Pellet

After Early Grower, birds should move to a "Peak Release" Pellet; a highly palatable pellet designed to help birds from straying.
Grower Pellets

As an alternative to the two-stage feed regime for Pheasants, Grower Pellets can be used as a one-stage regime for Pheasants at 'wood'.


Preparing for 'Wood'

Marsdens produce a robust two-stage grower feed regime for Partridges and Pheasants and an alternative one-stage feed regime for Pheasants at 'wood'.

The two-stage grower regime comprises of an 'Early Grower' diet which is designed to follow the Starter diet and a 'Peak Release' diet. The one-stage regime comprises of a Grower Pellet.

The grower diets have high protein levels for optimum growth and the use of fishmeal is important as the primary source of protein.

Marsdens provide feed regimes which are suitable for both Partridges and Pheasants.