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Race Cubes & Mix

Afbeelding: race circular icon

Finely ground oats are combined with a blend of quality micronized cereals to provide readily available energy to meet the requirements of anaerobic respiration during periods of fast work, as well as providing a readily available source of vital glucose for brain and organ function.
Contains a blend of oils including soya and full fat linseed to provide additional non-heating energy which encourages a glycogen sparing effect, promoting stamina and reducing recovery time.
Quality protein, including essential amino acids, the race diet aids superb muscle tone, tissue development and repair. Supporting performance and well-being, with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, including high levels of magnesium which is necessary for the maintenance of electrolyte balance usually lost through sweating.
Live yeast support and maintain good gut function and reduce lactic acid build up.

What are the benefits?

  • Finely ground oats for instant energy
  • Live yeast and digestible quality fibre sources for optimum gut function and health
  • Amino acids for prime muscle development and repair
  • Quality energy sources for stamina and controlled energy release
  • Balanced with digestible quality fibre and protein sources
  • Formulated for optimum tissue and muscle development

Suitable for:

  • Race horse or ponies
  • Horses in strenuous training programs
  • Sprinters, steeple chasers and hurdlers
  • Ideal for 2-3 year olds for “race fit” condition
  • Race horses with sensitive digestive tracts
Race Cubes 12.75 11 14 6 20 5.5 350
Race Mix 12.5 9 14 5.5 26 6 300