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Condition Cubes & Mix

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Our Conditioning diets are non-heating, highly digestible and renowned for restoring lost condition without excitability or lack of concentration.
Enriched with quality protein, vital for muscle tone and top line condition, as well as linseed for an outstanding shiny coat.
With a superior vitamin and mineral profile, including chelated minerals, this feed is incredibly versatile and can be fed to all types of horses and ponies at rest or in work. Particularly beneficial to underweight horses or who may be generally run-down.
Also included is a higher level of Magnesium which is necessary for the maintenance of electrolyte balance which is usually lost through sweating.

What are the benefits?

  • Rich in amino acids
  • High in quality fibre to maintain optimum gut function
  • Cubes are barley free
  • Highly palatable and digestible
  • Formulated to provide the infrastructure for weight gain
  • When soaked suitable for those with poor dentition
  • Ideal for stamina and controlled energy

Suitable for:

  • Poor doers
  • Lacking top line and muscle development
  • Horses requiring stamina and a controlled energy source
Condition Cubes 12.5 10 12.5 6.5 24 6 250
Condition Mix 12.5 9 13 5.5 24 6 300