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Hickstead ESSENTIAL Range

Offering high fibre, low-starch and low calorie diets. A balanced range of feeds suitable for horses and ponies in light to moderate work or at rest.

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    Daily Fibre Cubes & Mix

    A great year-round choice for horses and ponies whose energy requirements are low but need to maintain condition.
    An appetising blend of natural ingredients includes quality digestible fibre making it particularly palatable for tempting fussy eaters.

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    Hi Fibre Cubes

    A complete cube with a fibre content of 22%. High digestible fibre from soya bean hulls and grass pellets provide a slow release, stamina energy and promotes a healthy gut.
    Extracts of essential oils make these cubes highly palatable and can easily be softened to a mash making them a good choice for older horses or those with compromised dentition.
    An excellent choice of winter feeding when grass levels are low.

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    Paddock Cubes & Mix

    High in fibre this palatable blend of micronized cereals ensures maximum digestibility to provide slow release, sustained energy levels. Ideal for horses and ponies in moderate workloads needing a little bit of sparkle without the fizz.
    Quality protein to help maintain muscle tone, tissue development and repair, plus Soya oil for healthy skin and an extra shiny coat.
    The cubes are barley free, ideal for horses or ponies prone to cereal allergies.

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    Essential Balancer

    A low starch and low calorie feed formulated to provide optimum gut function without excitability or unnecessary weight gain.
    Enriched with a high spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals that your horse or pony requires. The inclusion of Bioplex™ chelated minerals and Selplex™ selenium maximises the availability of these nutrients and their subsequent utilisation by the horse.
    High levels of soya provide essential building blocks required to promote quality muscle tone and skin condition.
    Live yeast ‘Yea Sacc’ help to maintain and support the effective digestion of fibre.

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