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Paddock Cubes & Mix

Afbeelding: Paddock circular icon

High in fibre this palatable blend of micronized cereals ensures maximum digestibility to provide slow release, sustained energy levels. Ideal for horses and ponies in moderate workloads needing a little bit of sparkle without the fizz.
Quality protein to help maintain muscle tone, tissue development and repair, plus Soya oil for healthy skin and an extra shiny coat.
The cubes are barley free, ideal for horses or ponies prone to cereal allergies.

What are the benefits?

  • Controlled energy sourced from highly digestible fibre
  • Rich in oil for healthy skin and coat shine
  • Highly palatable for fussy eaters
  • Non-heating formulation
  • When soaked suitable for those with poor dentition
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals

Suitable for:

  • Excitable types
  • Horses and ponies with sensitive digestive systems
  • Fussy eaters
Paddock Cubes 10.5 14 10 3.5 16 6 250
Paddock Mix 10 10 10 3.75 17 6 100