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Hickstead Horse Feeds Range

Our Horse Feeds contain a comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals ensuring your peace of mind.

At Hickstead we only use the very best of ingredients, which are fully traceable and formulated by our scientists and nutritionists to create a unique formula with the equine in mind.

With an extensive range of supplements and a fully fortified range of feeds, we at Hickstead are confident that we can provide the product for any situation or scenario.

    Daily Fibre Cubes and Mix

    Daily Fibre cubes are fully balanced with a comprehensive spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Their crunchy texture and natural quality fibre content to ensure the horse has plenty to chew on. Low starch, non-heating, low energy 6mm cubes can be fed alongside additional forage sources to provide a natural, fully balanced diet for all horses and ponies at rest or in light to moderate levels of work.

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    Cool Sports Cubes

    Hickstead Cool sports cubes have controlled levels of cereals, starch and good levels of fibre to help reduce the risk of over-excitability and provide optimum gut function. Helping your horse maintain performance and condition but remaining calm and controlled.

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    Sports Cubes and Mix

    Hickstead sports mix & cubes are highly digestible and nutrient dense. Providing a combination of energy sources including quality fibre, oil and cereals ensuring the equine athletes demands are met in all work intensities. Quality fibre sources included along with highly digestible micronized cereals dispensing "quick release" but controlled energy.

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    Stud Cubes and Mix

    Hickstead Stud range is popular among breeders, especially those who have larger groups of mares, stallions or young stock. A formulated energy dense and nutrient rich diet reduces the risk of overloading the horse’s digestive system but meeting all nutritional needs.

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    Paddock Cubes and Mix

    Hickstead paddock range is a non-heating diet. Ideal choice for horses and ponies in light to medium work. A high fibre palatable blend of micronized cereals ensures maximum digestibility & optimum gut function, enriched with quality protein for excellent muscle tone, tissue development and repair.

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