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Hickstead Horse Feeds Range

Our Horse Feeds contain a comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals ensuring your peace of mind.

At Hickstead we only use the very best of ingredients, which are fully traceable and formulated by our scientists and nutritionists to create a unique formula with the equine in mind.

With an extensive range of supplements and a fully fortified range of feeds, we at Hickstead are confident that we can provide the product for any situation or scenario.

    The INITIATE Range

    The ideal economic feed for owners that want an all-year-round diet that has good quality ingredients and is excellent value for money.

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    The ESSENTIAL Range

    Offering high fibre, low-starch and low calorie diets. A balanced range of feeds suitable for horses and ponies in light to moderate work or at rest.

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    The BLOSSOM Range

    A comprehensive range of feeds designed to help and support development, whether in the early stages of life, requiring weight gain 
    or improved top-line condition.

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    The ACTIV+ Range

    A palatable energy dense range formulated specifically for horses and ponies with hard to strenuous workloads.

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    Gastric Activ +

    A unique feed supplement designed to contribute to good equine gut health and digestive function.  Suitable for horses or ponies which may be stressed due to competition, where the gut has been adversely affected particularly by a high starch diet or those with limited access to grazing that are undertaking regular exercise.
    Feeding Gastric Activ+ daily can help support gut health and promote efficient digestion to maximise performance in competition and race horses.

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