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Essential Balancer

horse feed

Hickstead Essential Balancer is a low starch, low calorie ration formulated to provide optimum gut function without excitability or unnecessary weight gain.

Enriched with a high spectrum of chelated vitamins and minerals with linseed, amino acids and a high non GM oil content, including important anti-oxidants, vitamin E and selenium. Ideal to support equines requiring muscle development and repair.

Suitable for:

  • Good doers
  • Laminitics
  • Those lacking condition but prone to excitability
  • Equines who suffer with digestive upset
  • Horse with a history of gastric ulcers


  • Contains an optimal gut complex essential for digestive balance
  • Restores good levels of gut flora
  • Added biotin, zincs, methionine and calcium for good hoof growth
  • Contains no grain
  • Can be fed as a sole concentrate
  • Made from organic sources


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