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Gastric Activ +

A complementary feeding stuff suitable for all equines. Gastric Activ + is a unique formulation which can contribute to good equine gut health and digestive function, which can be compromised in horses which are stressed due to competition, travelling or simply to help with digestion of a high energy diet.

Feeding this supplement daily can help support equine gut health which can be adversely affected by high starch diets and thus support the health and performance of competition horses. It is important to reduce boredom in stabled horses, provide plenty of good quality hay and bedding and keep other horses within sight and sound.

Hickstead horse feeds GASTRIC ACTIV + is a unique formulation and is an incomparable feed supplement contributing to good equine gastric health and digestive function.

Active ingredients within Gastric Activ + include:

  • Live yeast (saccharomyces cerevisae) Helps to maintain a healthy balance of micro flora within the stomach and general digestive tract. Can also help to maintain normal levels of acidity by supporting the growth of bacteria known as lactate utilizers.
  • Pectin & Lecithin – forms a physical barrier between the gastric juices and the sensitive non glandular region of the stomach in a similar way to the presence of food within the stomach.
  • Acid Buff – provides a slow release form of calcium carbonate, which has a buffering action within the stomach and digestive tract as a whole to counteract dietary induced acidity.
  • Zeolite – has the ability to adsorb undesirable substances such as mycotoxins, which may be present in feed.
  • Alfalfa – has been shown scientifically to be beneficial in maintaining gastric health due to its buffering action.