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horse feed

Race Range

Race Mix & cubes are palatable, energy dense diet formulated to meet the demands of race and performance horses in intense work. Best cleaned husk less oats are combined with a blend of quality micronized cereals to provide readily available energy to meet the requirements of anaerobic respiration during periods of fast work, as well as providing a readily available source of vital glucose for brain and organ function.

Hickstead race range contains a blend of non- GM oils from soya and linseed to provide additional non-heating energy which encourages a glycogen sparing effect, promoting stamina and reducing recovery time. Quality protein, including essential amino acids, the race diet aids superb muscle tone, tissue development and repair. Supporting performance and well-being, with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, including important antioxidants essential for the modern equine athlete.

Suitable for:

  • Race horse or ponies
  • Horses in strenuous training programs
  • Sprinters, steeple & hurdlers
  • Ideal for 2-3 year olds for "race fit" condition


  • High energy diet
  • Amino acids for prime muscle development & repair
  • Quality energy sources for stamina & controlled energy release
  • Digestible fibre promoting optimum gut health
  • UFAS accredited husk-less oats, containing 30% more energy than conventional oats
  • Balanced with digestible quality fibre & protein sources
  • Formulated for optimum tissue & muscle development
  • High oil content
  • Formulated to maintain condition & achieve performance